Air Codes is your air conditioner error code translator. This app is an essential tool for the Air Conditioner maintenance technician, service agent, and owners of modern Air Conditioners.

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Air Codes is available on the app store.

Air Codes is available on Google Play.

Air codes was produced as a handy tool, not only to help stop carrying around those service manuals or waiting for manufactures to call you back, but also to help help Airconditioning technicians to diagnose and repair air conditioners faster and more efficient. Air codes is a complete tool box that allows faster processing of documents like model and serial numbers, which can be stored and or emailed to the office or anyone, so important images or notes are not lost. Air codes is also aimed to help your customer understand more about their system and simply saves time and money. Air Codes app, your friend in the Fridgy trade.

The information supplied within Aircodes App is based on experience gathered by trained technicians. While we have vast experience an vetted all technical support information, and strive to be 100% accurate in all areas, we acknowledge that mistakes do occur, and we can not provide any guarantees as to the advice contained within the Aircodes app. We have added a feed back button so if you come across a mistake or another brand we don't have please let us know and we will amend and add. The use of any and all content found within this app is for the purpose of trained airconditioning and electrical engineers, any works done AT YOUR OWN RISK.

While the app is free to download and use, the error codes and response information is NOT and to access this information we have 2 options for you.

1. Weekly subscription - giving you the user complete acces for a week, with the option to renew at any time.
2. Yearly subscription - gives you complete access to all information and updates for a year.

Please note. This is app is designed for the Airconditioning or electrical engineer with the appropriate licences to repair air conditioners. We also cater for the end user if you would like to find out a particular fault of your air conditioner. We do not recommend you try to repair your own air conditioner. Please call your local repair agent and inform them of the fault.

  • Brand / The list of brands and models we are currently supporting, we are adding to the list constantly, if your brand isnt there email us to have it added.
  • Code and Hints /Find the error code on the led display of your Air Conditioner and enter the code here.
  • Fault and Feedback / See the cause of the fault and some recommended ways to fix the problem.
  • Light / If you need a bit of extra light, we have a torch for you.
  • Notes / Take notes as reminders and email them if needed.
  • Feedback / If you have ideas and suggestions let use know by sending us some feedback.


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